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Anonymous asked:



1. Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie

dear anon you underestimate how much i love movies. there is way too many to pick just one, but i’ll go with the first time i saw KICKASS. the day i saw it, i had the best day ever with my dad. i went over to his house and we rode our bikes all day. he got me a book at the bookstore and then we had ribs with my Nano for lunch. we rode our bikes to the beach and while we watched the sun go down he was all like “lol lets go watch a movie” so we rode our bikes to the west shore mall and he really wanted to see KICKASS and i thought it looked really dumb but i ended up sobbing like a baby it was so good. after that, my obsession began and i read all the comics and to this day its one of my favorite movies.

8. Talk about the thing you are most proud of

i’m not a very proud person, but i will say i’ve been living on my own in new york city for a week now and i have been mugged, raped or starved yet, hallelujah, praise the lord and knock on wood none of those things ever happen to me or any friends i make up here

11. Talk about the best dream you’ve ever had

i don’t dream much. 

16. Talk about the best party you’ve ever been to

oh.. i haven’t been to many parties, but I’ve had great times at the ones i go to. My favorite one, however, was a christmas party this past winter that me and my best friend got really drunk and high at and then when her mom picked us up, we tried to play it off but A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out by Panic! At the Disco was playing in the car so we couldn’t help but sing loudly and horribly along to every song on that CD. and when we got home, we went straight to her room, looked at each and laughed hysterically till we fell asleep.

33. Talk about what you do when you are sad

it depends on my level of sadness. if it’s my permanent level of sadness, left there by the abandonment and betrayal of my former friends and exes, i usually sit and stare off in a state of existential paralysis and consider every mistake i’ve ever made. sometimes i have arguments with myself until i cry. if i’m crying too hard, i’ll take a shower so no one will know i was crying. 

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